Femm Hair

It is sexually-harassive and visually-abusive for a girl or woman to impose the indecently-hairstyled sight of her loose long hair (hanging longer than mouth-level and not tied into a back-of-head ponytail or tied into an up-do) when in mixed-gender public view -- concordant with Scripture below (Nu 5:18) which describes a woman suspected of committing adultery being embarrassed by having a non-married-to-her priest loosening her normally-bound-in-public-view hair, and Scripture below (So 7:5) which states that the loosened-long-haired "flowing locks" of a man's own personal spouse "letting her hair down" is legitimately captivating to him alone (in private) instead of him being immorally aroused by the sight of some loose woman inciting random lust by her indiscriminately being publicly mopheaded:

First Corinthians 11:13 Judge for yourselves: Is it proper for a woman to pray to God without headcover?
14 Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a dishonor to him?
15 but a woman, if she has long hair, it is her glory, because the hair for of a covering has been given to her;
16 but if anyone intends to be contrary, we have no such custom [of allowing a woman to misregard display of her loose long hair as an acceptable prayer covering], neither the assemblies of God.

At this point, we can insert some Scripture-based paraphrased renditions
directly involved and relating to the selected Biblical texts referenced:

Imposing SLEEVESLESS blouses or shirts exposing NAKED arms . . . whenever in GENERAL-public view?

Imposing parts of BREASTS with LOW-CUT or UNBUTTONED blouses or shirts . . . whenever in GENERAL-public view?

Imposing sexually-harassive WOMEN'S voices irritating men . . . whenever in GENERAL-public?

Imposing TOES-EXPOSED feet in noisy flipflop sandals . . . whenever in GENERAL-public view?

Imposing mopheaded FLOWING LOCKS to men one is not currently married to . . . whenever in GENERAL-public view?

Imposing NAKED LEGS with SHORTENED skirts or SHORTS . . . whenever in GENERAL-public view?

Imposing BAREFOOTEDNESS or NAKED TOES with sandals . . . whenever in GENERAL-public view?

Imposing MOPHEADEDNESS in the pretense of presuming such is adequate as a modest hair-covering veil for prayer . . . whenever in GENERAL-public view?

Now, we portray pics of actual Scrivener/Trinitarian Greek-Text passages to get a basis upon which to built more detailed analysis of certain pertinent modesty-related verses of Holy Writ: