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Rap pseudo-"music" (especially the loud-boom-boom-bass type imposed from vehicles)
is obnoxious NiggarNoise . . . and should be outlawed as noise-ordinance-violating public nuisance!

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Bare Arms in General-Public View?

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Imposing LOOSE long hair (not tied into a back-of-head single ponytail or tied into an up-do pug or bun) . . . whenever in GENERAL-public view?

We start with some Hebrew-English Scripture-verses background on not merely hairstyles, but also references relating to proper and decent public armwear, legwear, footwear, and more:

At this point, we can insert some Scripture-based paraphrased renditions
directly involved and relating to the selected Biblical texts referenced:

Imposing SLEEVESLESS blouses or shirts exposing NAKED arms . . . whenever in GENERAL-public view?

Imposing parts of BREASTS with LOW-CUT or UNBUTTONED blouses or shirts . . . whenever in GENERAL-public view?

Imposing sexually-harassive WOMEN'S voices irritating men . . . whenever in GENERAL-public?

Imposing TOES-EXPOSED feet in noisy flipflop sandals . . . whenever in GENERAL-public view?

Imposing mopheaded FLOWING LOCKS to men one is not currently married to . . . whenever in GENERAL-public view?

Imposing NAKED LEGS with SHORTENED skirts or SHORTS . . . whenever in GENERAL-public view?

Imposing BAREFOOTEDNESS or NAKED TOES with sandals . . . whenever in GENERAL-public view?

Imposing MOPHEADEDNESS in the pretense of presuming such is adequate as a modest hair-covering veil for prayer . . . whenever in GENERAL-public view?

Now, we portray pics of actual Scrivener/Trinitarian Greek-Text passages to get a basis upon which to built more detailed analysis of certain pertinent modesty-related verses of Holy Writ:

Gals Practicing for Marital Heterosexual Fellatio